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Our ranch is family owned and been in business for well over 30
years. We have sold horses that have gone into every aspect of the
working world and some who have haltered too. They have the
personality and temperament for beginners as well as ability and
grit for the cowboys. Our horses have willing dispositions, great
minds, athletic ability, are very cowy, and have some color too! They
are raised to handle the rocky country we live in, with their strong
bones and good feet, then can stand up to years of hard ranch use.  
At Lazy FS Ranch we pride ourselves in quality horses and cattle.  
We specialize in Quarter Horses and Paints with bloodlines that
include Jackie Bee, Boston Mac, Bostonian, Versary Doll, Canute, Pit
Boss, Painted Robin, Two Eyed Blue Boy, and Mr. Norfleet along with
others. So, no matter what you are looking for or dreaming of, we
have it.  Our horses are bred to work for you!  We offer registered
horses as well as grade.
Currently there are 9, 2014 foals available
for sale.
Also, if you see a mare or stud that you would be interested
in buying don't be afraid to ask about them. . Thank you for visiting
our website. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing from
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Lazy FS Brand
Rocking UF Brand
Gerry & Joyce Stiles
16898 Mecklenburg Road North
Davenport, WA  99122
(509)253-4631 Home
(509)721-0817 Gerry Cell
509)348-0258 Joyce Cell and/or
We are located just south of Davenport about 12 miles at a
little place called Bluestem.  All of our horses run out in the
scab rock and are fenced in by barbed wire.  These horses
are all tough and do not receive the many luxuries such as
box stalls.  These horses are well-rounded, quality animals,
with great minds, and a solid build.  Please feel free to contact
us at anytime if you have any questions regarding the horses
that we offer for sale, their prices, or about the rest of our